From the Deputy Principal

I would like to thank everyone in the CBC community for making me feel so welcome here at the College - I was just as nervous as the Year 7 boys! Meeting the parents at the Parent Information sessions has shown me what a terrific community we work in. Engagement makes a huge difference for all of us when we start at somewhere new so I urge all new families to make time to connect with the College and be involved in your child's journey through CBC. Please can all Year 7 parents mark Thursday 15 February down in your diary for the Year 7 Parent Information Evening, followed by wine and cheese in the Cloisters. I have been told this a wonderful evening and a great opportunity to say hello and make yourselves known to the Heads of House and your son's Mentor teacher.

Year 7

What an amazing first few weeks for the new students to our College, especially the Year 7 boys. They have been truly remarkable in the way they have approached the start of their High School life. All parents of new students will be receiving a phone call from their child's Head of House over the next week or so to make sure that the boys are settling in well. We would also love feedback from parents if they have any views on the way the transition week went. Please let the Heads of House know when they call you.

Parent night information

Thank you to all the parents who attended the year level parent nights this week. The PowerPoint presentations are now uploaded to the College website where you can view the content. Should you require any clarification from the evenings or would like further information, please feel free to contact either myself, Mr Burgio or Mr Alweyn.

Smart Watches

As of Thursday 7 February no Smartwatches are to be worn at school. These watches are able to communicate via SMS and voice messages. This can enable students to communicate outside of the College and bypass our filtering systems. As you can imagine, they could be used during tests and assessments for the wrong purpose. Whilst we encourage technology, we do need to be aware that some technology can be used in the wrong way.

Year 12 Drivers

We have already received a few complaints about where the Year 12 boys are parking their cars when they drive to school. Please can you talk to you sons and remind them to park legally and respectfully around the College. We value our neighbours and it would be a shame if our relationships with our wider community were tarnished over a few poorly parked vehicles.

Mr Gary Bailey
Deputy Principal – Pastoral Care