Welcome back

Thank you to the parents, students and staff who have commenced the 2018 school year with such enthusiasm and goodwill. Last year we bid a sad farewell to some beloved friends our community, and this year we gladly extend a warm welcome to our new members. New staff, new students and new families, we know that your association with CBC Fremantle will be a positive one.

We welcomed the following new staff:

Gary Bailey Deputy Principal - Pastoral Care
Evgeny Bespalov Mathematics teacher
Ali Connell Science teacher
Alexander Hall Head of Humanities & Social Sciences
Jenny Knox Director - Campus Administration
Frank McTernan Science teacher
Angelina Sawyer Science teacher
Ben Shaw Phys Ed teacher
Nicholas Smith HASS Teacher
Sabine Waugh Student Services Receptionist
Mitchell Di Virgilio Academic Care teacher
Danielle MacDonald HASS teacher