Looking to the future

Vice Principal Mr Neil Alweyn spoke to the boys about the many pathways they can take to achieve their goals over the coming years.

Year 10 students had the chance to ponder their future today, as part of the College's annual Careers Day.

The day gives boys and their parents an understanding of the choices they will have to make in the months ahead, as they shape the final two years of their time at high school.

The day began with an overview of the wide array of courses CBC offers across both ATAR and non-ATAR streams, that give boys the ability to pursue subjects they are interested in.

After some class sessions where the young gentlemen reflected on their goals for the future, speakers from WA's universities shared what makes them different, as well as some handy tips to help the boys on the journey to graduation.

Tours of UWA, Curtin, Notre Dame and the Constructions Future Centre were next, where students could explore a campus they might find themselves studying at in a few years time, while learning from current students about what life after high school is like.

This evening, Year 10 boys and their parents are invited back to the College for a discussion about the road ahead, addressing graduation requirements, entry criteria and how the course selection process will work.

CBC is committed to supporting each boy in achieving their personal best by offering a wide range of courses and opportunities, to ensure every gentlemen graduates the College having been immersed in what they are passionate about.