Mobile phone policy

As discussed at Parent Information Evenings and in an email sent last week, the College will request students to leave their mobile phone either at home, securely locked in their locker, or in the safe in the Heads of House office during school time from Tuesday 5 March.

The College has taken this step because of research that outlines concerns that phones are too distracting, interrupt student learning and reduce the ability to communicate face-to-face. As a College, we are concerned boys are displaying  lower concentration levels because of constant interruptions from messages and calls on phones in their pockets. Vibrating phones on their person can lead to 'fear of missing out,' and this distraction leads to increased stress and poor concentration in class.

There are also a number of more serious risks posed by mobile phones, including their use to film teachers and students, and their 'hot spot' functionality that can be used to get around College internet filters.

From Tuesday 5 March, students who carry their phones on them during the school day will have their phone confiscated and held in the locked safe at school until a parent can come to the College and collect it. The student will also receive a detention.

Should you need to contact your son urgently, please call Student Services on 9430 2007 and the staff will get a message to your son. If your son needs to contact you, he can go straight to Student Services and call from the phone in reception.

There may still be times when it is necessary for students to use their phones on them during the school day, but these will be rare exceptions to the rule. If used during a lesson, teachers will give boys permission to take their phones from their lockers, where they will be returned at the end of the period. Some students also require their phones for medical reasons, and the College is more than happy to accommodate this. If you have not done so already, please contact me about this.

Please discuss this policy with your child over the long weekend. All boys are aware of these rules, so no student should have their phone confiscated.

I have spoken to schools who have implemented a similar phone policy and all comment on the success of the programme. I look forward to seeing similar results at CBC.

Thank you for supporting the College in this initiative and please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss the matter further.

Gary Bailey

Deputy Principal - Pastoral Care