2020 Award Winners - Arts Awards

Uwe Stengel Music Award

Winner: Patrick McClelland

The Uwe Stengel Music Award is awarded to a student who has been an active member of many bands and ensembles since the beginning of their music tuition at CBC. 

Patrick is a talented and passionate musician who has significantly contributed to the development of many bands, choirs and ensembles. His efforts to develop as a musician, and to support the College's Music programme, have been greatly appreciated by the Arts Department.


Visual Art Award

Winner: Isaac Wieser

This award is presented to a student who has been a diligent and passionate Visual Art student for a number of years.

Isaac has demonstrated focus in his work, which has been highlighted in his exceptional final products, and has served as a wonderful role model for younger members of the Visual Art programme.


Drama Award

Winner: Fynnian Copp

The Drama Award is presented to a student who has been an integral part of the Drama programme during their time at CBC.

Fynnian's high standard of preparation and performance has always been excellent, and his commitment in class and to see a passion for drama grow and develop in younger students has been inspiring.


Arts Service Award

Winner: Archer Larwood

The Arts Service Award is presented to a student who has provided outstanding leadership and service to the College Arts programme during the year.

Archer has displayed leadership and initiative throughout his many years of involvement in both Drama and Music, and has been involved in many Arts events, bands, ensembles, Drama productions and performance evenings. He has always displayed great enthusiasm and dedication, and has served as a brilliant role model for his younger peers in the Arts programme.