Welcome to the school year

In the blink of an eye the new school year has started, and with it all the excitement, freshness and goal-setting that always accompanies Term 1.

For me, it has been especially rewarding to be back as I was away for the last term of 2019. I am still not well ­– as my doctor proffers, I am in a 'prognostically and diagnostically uncertain' state of health – but the company of the boys, my colleagues and the parents certainly lifts my spirits.

The year started with the induction of our new staff. A small introductory biography on each of our new team members are in this edition of InTouch, and I am pleased to say that they have seamlessly transitioned into our community. It is my opinion that the staff profile of a school is the most important function of a Principal, and that a balance of the many forms of leave and turnover keeps a school contemporary in its practice, diminishes entitlement, provides career opportunities and personal challenges and refreshes staff.

Following the induction, all staff spent a day with Dr Arne Rubinstein. Arne is a rites of passage expert and took us through a workshop of affirmation and reflective practice that I hope will help ensure every member of staff understands one of our key points of difference and their role in it. At a staff meeting later this term, all departments will be involved in a plenary, where each will share with the others how they achieve the following:

  • provide our boys with a deep and profound sense of belonging,
  • challenge the boys and celebrate success, and
  • move the boys from a child to an adult psychology.

The ABC TV Compass episode that focusses on CBC and our rites of passage programme is quite often repeated, and the re-runs are still engendering positive mail and reviews. It is my hope that your sons benefit even further from the concept that it takes a village to raise a boy. If you haven't seen the episode, titled 'From Boys to Men', it is currently available on ABC iView and is recommended viewing.

Our Parent Information Nights have been well-attended, and the messages of the college/home partnership, academic behaviours and pastoral initiatives all aimed at providing the right environment for our students to thrive have been well-received. On Friday morning we welcomed back our Year 13 students and hosted them for breakfast. The Class of 2019 produced the best results the College has seen for years, and testament to the hard work of the boys and their teachers. Our graduating gentlemen were awarded more than 150 certificates, nearly one third of the ATAR cohort placed in the top 10% of the state and another nine boys joined the 95 Academic Club. At our College assembly following the breakfast, Joshua Jackson was presented with the CBC Alumni Association award for receiving the highest ATAR. It is our hope that these young men –Mentor buddies and role models to the students of last year – continue to provide inspiration to our current students to strive to do their best in order to make the most of their gifts and talents.

Next Monday is our Opening Mass. Your overwhelming support for this important liturgical event is greatly valued. The reflection of our togetherness as a community is evidenced on this beautiful occasion and it is a delight to gather in our Cloisters, surrounded by heritage buildings and feel the joy of being part of something much bigger. Vice Principal Mr Neil Alweyn will send out some information about the Mass, and guide the congregation during the celebration so that everyone feels comfortable. Parking is always a potential bottle-neck, so please use both entrances to Fremantle Park and try to arrive as early as your busy schedule allows so that we can avoid delays and commence on schedule.

Next week the 2019 College yearbook will be distributed to the oldest boy who attended in 2019, so keep an eye out for it. There have been some sad and sorry-looking publications brought home from the depths of boys' lockers in past years, so it may be best to make some enquiries to your son if it hasn't been produced by the end of Week 3!

We are all very excited to be back into the swing of things and there is a wonderful array of College events this term. We have already had the Year 12 Leaders' Day, Year 7 Induction and the inaugural Year 7 Camp, which appeared to be an incredible start to the CBC journey for our newest students. Coming up are the Mass, House Week, the Swimming Carnival, Ash Wednesday and Easter among many others. I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Monday and on behalf of my colleagues and the College Board, wish you and particularly your sons a bountiful 2020.

Mr Domenic Burgio