Principal's Easter Message

It's 11.08am On Maundy Thursday and I sit alone in my office wondering what I could possibly write to this Community I love so much. It's also my beautiful grand-daughter Lily's birthday and for the first time in her 4 years, I will not be able to hug and kiss her on her special day. I guess in some way or another we are all going through our own Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane. At the moment there are many parallels between Jesus' final hours on Earth and where many of us find ourselves. Sacrifices being made and having to be made. Many mums, dads and their children having to symbolically wash the feet of others and try to inspire their loved ones by feats of selflessness and modelling. I hope you are all bearing up. My prayers are with you all, throughout this time of difficulty, this time of holiness, and always.

You have had a mountain of communication recently, so I will not add unnecessarily to it. Throughout Jesus life, and certainly at the end of it, hope was His great message. Hope of salvation, of eternal life, of entering the Kingdom of God. Regardless of where each of you is on your faith journey, my simple message today is to embrace hope. This affliction will pass, and when it does, our blessing may be that we have a renewed and refreshed relationship with the ones we love, the things we love and all elements of our lives that we once took for granted. God bless you all.

I will write to all of you in the second week of the Break when the latest information will be available about Term 2, but at this stage, it is as it has been. Feel free to contact me with any queries until then.

On behalf of the College Board and all the staff, can I wish you all a safe, happy and Holy Easter.

With Love,


Mr Domenic Burgio