Building a strong future

With the aging of the Christian Brothers, this wise and forward-thinking order determined that its schools should transition to lay educators and be operated by a lay administration.

On 1 October 2007, Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) was established to take over the management of the remaining Christian Brothers' schools, which provide education to thousands of young people in every state and territory of our nation. On 1 May 2013 EREA took another step in assuming full responsibility for these schools after receiving canonical and civil status as a Church and legal body in its own right.

Edmund Rice Education Australia was established with the intention of carrying on their educational mission into the future. In close collaboration with our Australian Catholic Church, EREA continues the mission of Jesus Christ, helping young people to arrive at the fullness of Christian life through the provision of quality Catholic education. Through excellence in Catholic education, EREA seeks to transform the minds and hearts of young Australians to build a more just, tolerant and inclusive community in educating for liberation and possibility.

The reason for this brief history lesson is that a survey conducted last year of a large cross-section of our parents showed that many did not know much, or anything, about EREA. This edition of InTouch has a link to their website, and I hope you will take the time to familiarise yourselves with the organisation and its Mission and Vision.

In handing over their schools to EREA, the Brothers (and EREA) wanted to ensure that the Charism of Edmund was not lost, as it unfortunately has been in many Christian Brothers schools that have been handed to the local dioceses. One of the mechanisms EREA put in place to ensure the legacy of Edmund is a five-yearly renewal process. CBC Fremantle recently went through this thorough examination and it is my pleasure to announce to our community that at last week's EREA Board meeting it was confirmed that CBC Fremantle is an authentic Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition.
I include some quotes from the report below to briefly bask in our commitment to providing excellence in education and a genuine holistic approach to the care of our students.

  • The students, parents, support staff, educational support officers, teachers, middle leaders, leadership team, College Board and Principal of CBC Fremantle are to be commended for the commitment that is made daily to the realisation of an authentic, innovative learning community. This has been clearly articulated in the words, views, actions and challenges presented by each group as well as in the dynamic activity of classrooms and other areas of College life.
  • CBC Fremantle has much to be proud of in the way it has continued to build a strong future through intentional strategic planning, taking account of the needs of the community and beyond, with attention to the future needs of students and their families.
  • CBC Fremantle is an outstanding Catholic School in the Edmund Rice Tradition which offers a liberating education, based on a Gospel Spirituality, within an Inclusive Community, committed to Justice and Solidarity

I say "briefly bask" because at CBC we do not rest on our laurels and we continue to seek better ways to deliver our service; as our world changes and evolves, so do we.

There will be an official presentation from EREA later in the year, and I will be randomly inviting several parents to share the moment, but for now, I thank each and every member of our wonderful community for their contribution in creating a school we can all be proud of.

Domenic Burgio