Friday 27 March 2020

Community COVID-19 update #4

It's no exaggeration to say I'm not getting much sleep at the moment.

Part of the reason is that my son says I'm personally responsible for about 4,389 of the 4.5K views the latest CBC video has chalked up on social media. The other part is that much of the decision-making on my plate does not come in the form of solving problems. Problems are tackled by applying theorems and formula to achieve pretty certain outcomes. What faces me at the moment are a series of conundrums that do not have certainty in their solution. What I thank God for is that each time I'm faced with a decision, I feel the support of every member of this community. Your feedback and affirmation in the last week or so have been amazing; long may it continue. Many boys have written messages of support and staff have acknowledged their interactions online have been productive and positive. My colleagues are using all of their resources, physical and emotional, to try and provide connection for our boys to their curriculum and their community. I am currently in an online Principals' meeting and the overwhelming sense is that we will overcome and the state we emerge in on the other side of this crisis will be directly proportional to our cohesion, love, understanding and faith in the innate goodness of every member of the CBC Fremantle community.

There is a plan for the continuing education of your son until the end of Term 1. The Western Australian government has asked that all parents keep their children at home if possible; however, the College will be open for boys of parents who may not have a choice. The College will close on Wednesday 8 April and online lessons will continue until this date. This is different to government schools and some other private schools that may cease any learning on Friday 3 April.

Today's College Leadership Team meeting will look at the provision of some work in the vacation period given few, if any, families will be travelling. The College is also looking at some interactive videos in the wellbeing space including cooking demos, exercise, mindfulness etc. It is strongly rumoured that I will feature in the first of these cooking videos and my signature aglio, olio, pepperoncino will be offered as an evening meal, so stock up on some garlic, chillis and extra virgin olive oil.

Finally, in the previously mentioned video that you can view below, I allude to the fact that I have already started to meet with parents who are suffering financially with what is going on. I reiterate, no boy will be leaving this community as a result of the non-payment of fees during this time. I had hoped to win Lotto last night so that I could pay everyone's fees for 2020, but alas it was not to be. I ask that parents who are struggling to keep up with their payments contact me, even throughout the break.  A letter from EREA Executive Director Dr Wayne Tinsey will be forwarded to you explaining this position more fully. What I do ask is that if you can pay, please keep the fees coming so that we can continue to provide the best possible service to all our boys and their families. The greatest concern for me is that we remain financially viable. All that we are, all that we have achieved together and how we look on the other side does have a fiscal underpinning.

I will write an Easter message before the break. In the meantime, keep me, and the staff, in the loop with any query, concern or fear. Also feel free to provide us with support, ideas and hope!

I send you my deepest best wishes and profoundest thanks for all you do for our community.

God Bless you always.

Mr Domenic Burgio