20 April 2020

Community COVID-19 Update #6

Dear Parents and Families of CBC Fremantle

I hope this communication finds you and your families well and that you all enjoyed a blessed, albeit quiet, Easter.

I just want to give you a bit of an update and timeline regarding the Premier’s announcement that schools will be open for Term 2, from Wednesday 29 April.

The College Leadership Team (CLT) met every day last week looking at various scenarios and we met again this morning to look at some generic logistics that will apply regardless of what eventuates.

I have been issued an invitation from Dr Sayce, Executive Director - Catholic Education WA (CEWA), to a meeting on Tuesday 21 April at 2.00pm, at which all Principals will be briefed on CEWA’s position regarding its secondary and composite schools opening in Term 2. The CLT will meet as soon as that briefing is over and communicate the outcome shortly after.

Just for your information, I will be seeking clarity on:

  • Parent expectations - we can only sustain one type of learning at any given time; traditional face-to-face or online, whether that be from home, or supervised at school.
  • Staff conditions - what will be CEWA’s stance on staff welfare and who, if anyone, can work from home? Clearly the answer to the above question is inextricably linked to this question.
  • Advice and support for cleaning regimes required to keep staff and students safe.

I will write to you all again on Wednesday once I have clarity on the above questions and any others that may arise during the meeting. With that communication will be a survey asking whether you will be sending your son back to school at the start of Term 2. Please complete and return the survey ASAP so we can best provide for the return of students and staff to school. It is most likely that we will transition from online learning (supervised on site or from home) to face-to-face. It is our hope this can be done as quickly as possible, however, to be able to deliver face-to-face in its pure form is totally dependent on all, or most, staff being able to return. Tomorrow’s meeting should give me the information needed to give you a clear picture of the return to school arrangements.

Many of you will know that supply difficulties and social-distancing requirements have impeded the ability to purchase winter uniforms. In this situation, pragmatism is king/queen, so don’t stress unnecessarily. We will provide detail on uniforms on Wednesday.

If you can think of anything you would like me to seek clarity on, that doesn’t fall in these categories, please forward those queries to me before Tuesday. In the meantime, try and be as stress-free as possible whilst you can. Thank you for all your support in Term 1. Most importantly, give my personal best wishes and those of the staff to your sons. We can’t wait to get back to seeing them all on a daily basis once all the hurdles have been cleared.

Warmest regards

Mr Domenic Burgio