COVID-19 Update #2 2021

Dear Parents and Families of CBC Fremantle

I hope you continue to be safe and well.

Thank you for the overwhelmingly positive response you have displayed thus far in this latest COVID iteration.

The safety of this community is my most important priority, and is shared by the rest of the Leadership Team and the staff of CBC Fremantle.

CEWA met with all Principals this morning and affirmed the actions we undertook yesterday. Thank you to the members of the Leadership Team, who dropped everything to attend a meeting in my office at short notice, as well as the Principal's Assistant, Veronica Carter, and Cherie Butcher and Keane Bourke from our Communications Department, who likewise made themselves immediately available.

At this point, despite some of the rumours, there have been no new cases identified overnight. This is good news, but as you know, can change quickly.

I have asked that our staff prepare their Teams and SEQTA for some student engagement towards the latter part of this week. This will be primarily aimed at Years 11 and 12 students and will focus on preparatory materials, pre-readings, course outlines and expectations and the possibility for questions. Could parents of Years 11 and 12 boys please let their sons know this is our aim, and for them to be ready as soon as we have our ducks in a row.

Parents of Year 7 boys will be regularly updated by Mr Gary Bailey, primarily about the first day and Camp.

For Years 8, 9 and Mentor Groups, we hope to simply check-in by week's end, offering any support that may be requested and give advice regarding the normal start of the year logistics (bringing books to school gradually, etc).

I am aware that Year 10 boys, whose laptops were returned last year, and were due to receive new ones when school commenced, may miss out this week, but assure you we will make every effort to make up for lost time. If the lockdown continues beyond Friday, we will communicate the process for the distribution of the Year 10 laptops as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Can I also raise the possibility that, should the lockdown not extend beyond Friday, we would still like to slightly stagger start times next Monday. An important part of a Year 7s' first day at CBC Fremantle involves a ceremony in the Gym. Those of you who have sons already at the College will know how special a moment it is. If we get the all-clear from the State Government to return to school, it is hoped that, where possible, students from Years 8-11 might start school a little later that day, say 10am. This is not set in stone, but just me putting the possibility out there so that our newest crop of boys have the same experience as all other Year 7s have had for the past two decades or so. Clearly, where siblings or other factors make this untenable, we will have a contingency. I will keep you updated on this situation.

In concluding this communication, can I once again thank you for your ongoing steadfastness and trust that you have shown on occasions past when we have been tested as a community. It is greatly appreciated and valued by the staff.

Information about the lockdown is available on the site.  The latest health information is available through WA Health Department.

Here is the link to the areas and locations visited by confirmed cases. If you have visited, or are in contact with others who visited, any of these areas, please ensure you get tested and keep the College informed.

I will be in contact again tomorrow. In the meantime, call me if you have any concerns, try and read all the communications, stay safe and most importantly, stay cool. As Ms De Palma put it so eloquently last year....we've got this!


Mr Domenic Burgio