COVID-19 Update #3 2021

Dear Parents and Families

As is always the case, I hope you are safe and well. 

It appears that the news from the Premier today is positive, and for that, I'm sure we're all grateful. We do have some members of our community affected by today's fires. Please keep them, and all the affected families, in your prayers.

Today, our Academic Board met with the intention of planning for engaging the Year 11 and 12 boys from Thursday and ensuring that, should the lockdown continue beyond this week, we are prepared to flick the online learning switch for all boys.

On Sunday, the Premier indicated that this week would simply be an extension of the vacation. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Some Perth schools started their academic year more than a week ago, since they have a 3 week mid-year break. Some started at various points during last week, as did our Year 12s, and most were due to start this week.

Families and students have reacted differently to the news depending on their circumstances, and the ability of our staff to work from home is equally dependent on what has happened around them. Some of our older boys have, for instance, taken on extra shifts at work given Sunday's announcement of a vacation extension. That all being said, we hope to provide some preparatory materials for our Years 11 and 12 boys as of Thursday. Information will come out tomorrow about the logistics of this. Preparatory materials may include pre-readings, pep-talks, goal-setting and the ability to ask questions. All lesson activity should be recorded and available at any time that suits a boy who may not be able to meet the timetabled lessons, and all staff should be available by email.

What will not happen this week is a commencement of the course proper, since this has the potential to disadvantage families and boys who have reacted to the Premier's 'extension of the holidays' comment literally and have made arrangements that preclude them from engagement this week. 

Come what may, all courses will aim to commence as of Monday 8 February, whether face-to-face as is our hope, or online, as will be the case should the lockdown be extended. CBC Fremantle will provide any resource necessary to assist boys who may need extra tuition to catch up as a result of the disrupted start to the year, including after school tuition, online resources and any other means that may be identified.

The action statements of this morning's meeting were

*    Heads of Learning Areas (HOLAs) to contact and support Year 11 and 12 teachers re: preparedness for coming days.
*    Ensure teaching staff are ready for Years 7 to 10 classes on Monday, irrespective of learning platform.
*    For Academic Care classes to be ready for Monday should we need to move to our remote online learning plan.
*    For HOLAs to liaise with Scott McDonnell, Deputy Principal of Teaching & Learning, to confirm above arrangements and provide feedback.

The notion of preparatory work is

*    It is not the teaching of content, rather it is work or tasks that a student can complete to prepare for the first lessons of their courses or certificates.
*    Preparatory work may include, but is not limited to, reading course and assessment outlines, goal-setting, pre-reading texts, pre-watching videos, completing revision of material, viewing an introduction video from the teacher, completing some safety readings/work for practical classes etc.  
*    We recognise that every course and class is different and that preparatory work may look different for each class.
*    Staff are able to use SEQTA or Teams to deliver the preparatory work.  This will be dependent upon what the preparatory work is.
*    HOLAs to re-enforce the child safety practices that are highlighted in the Remote On-Line Learning Plan and Code of Conduct.  If staff have questions, then they are to make contact with HOLAs, or a member of the CLT.
*    Scott McDonnell to work with CLT around how we communicate to Year 11 and 12 students and parents.

Clearly, the focus above is on the Year 11 and 12 boys, where content delivery is extraneously imposed and less flexible in its timeline.  Reducing stress on our Year 11 and 12 students is a priority, but our efforts in reducing stress are not limited to those years. We are confident we can more easily make up for lost time with boys in the other years, and are working hard to ensure our most vulnerable boys don't fall through the cracks. To our Year 7 to 10 boys, enjoy the next few days and return safe and invigorated to tackle your studies in one form or another next Monday.

It is planned at this stage that our Year 7 boys will be welcomed into the community on Monday with a special ceremony. I mentioned yesterday we were looking at a staggered start on Monday should we be able to re-open. The College Leadership Team has looked at other options and the staggered start may not be necessary in order to deliver an amazing welcome to the newest members of our community. Once we finalise the arrangements, we will communicate them to you and I ask you do your best to let your son know what his role will be in the ceremony. Year 7 Parents will also receive specific details, since they will be part of the ceremony should they choose to. The Year 7 Camp is, at this stage, on target to continue, as are the other Year 7 transition events. The boys who are due to go on camp on Monday will be delayed slightly as we will officially welcome them before they get on the bus.

Information about the lockdown is available on the site.  The latest health information is available through WA Health Department.

Here is the link to the areas and locations visited by confirmed cases. If you have visited, or are in contact with others who visited, any of these areas, please ensure you get tested and keep the College informed.

A lot of information, I know, but hopefully we can get this situation behind us and focus on your sons with undivided love and attention.

With love,

Mr Domenic Burgio