COVID-19 Update #4 2021

Dear Parents and Families of CBC Fremantle

Another day of zero transmission is good news, but the Premier indicated caution so my communication today will require equivocation.

Firstly, I know I speak for everyone in the CBC Family when I say that we have our Western Australian sisters and brothers affected by the fires in our thoughts and prayers. We hope that those who have suffered loss are comforted and back on their feet as soon as possible, and we thank the firefighters and all others who assist them for the service they provide their community.

As I mentioned yesterday, it is our plan to begin engaging Year 11 and 12 students tomorrow as follows:

  • All Year 11 and 12 ATAR and General Courses should have instruction for your son to complete preparatory work for Thursday and Friday.
  • This is available on SEQTA.  Please have your son log onto SEQTA and access his class via the "Courses" tab.
  • Your son should access each of his classes during his normal timetabled period.
  • Some classes may provide additional instructions to complete work via Microsoft Teams or an alternative technology.
  • Should your son require feedback then they are able to gain this by either emailing their teacher, accessing his peers via Teams chat or making contact with a peer via an alternative method.

Completing these preparatory classes will help your son transition into curriculum-based lessons for next Monday. 

As is the case with any technology, computers sometimes don't work, Wi-Fi sometimes cuts out and Murphy's Law is at its best. Please do not panic if your son experiences any difficulty either from his end or the staff member's. Whatever preparatory work is given will be recorded and able to be accessed at any time. If you get into any major difficulty, please contact our IT Support via Teams: 'ICT Support -- Upper School Students -- 2021' or call me personally on 0400 880 861.  This ICT Support Teams site will be ready by tomorrow morning.

For parents of Year 10 boys, if the lockdown ends at 6pm this Friday, we will provide information over the next day or so on how to collect your son's computer over the weekend should you wish to do so. If the lockdown continues and we move to remote learning next week, the Executive Director of CEWA will advocate with the Minister of Education to ensure that parents and students will be able to attend school to collect their devices. Where that is not possible, we will engage a courier to deliver devices to you. 

For Years 8 and 9 boys, you should be ready to start lessons one way or the other by Monday. Time will tell whether it is at school or online.

For Year 7 boys, we are hoping for the best but planning for the worst. If anyone's son is feeling stressed or may struggle with the disappointment of an interrupted transition, please let us know so that we can do our best to support him. 

Students, and particularly younger children, may be distressed by the COVID lockdown. The 'Head to Health' website offers a central platform for digital mental health resources, including apps, that may assist staff, parents and students and can be accessed by clicking here.

If the zero transmission continues and Monday 8 February sees a continuation of Phase 4 COVID conditions, next week will look like this:

Day 1

  • All Year 7 students to meet in the Gym. Year 7s on camp leave their bags in the Gym and meet camp group leaders to have names checked off. 
  • Other Year 7s move to the cloisters to find House banner. They leave bags at banner. Parents remain in the Gym. Year 12s meet in the Year 12 area. Can leave bags there.


  • Year 12 boys line up ready for entry to the Gym.
  • Heads of House (HOH) line up Year 7 boys ready for entry to the Gym.
  • Years 8 to 11 move to Mentor rooms. Mentor teachers play pre-recorded video from Mr Burgio.


  • Year 7 ceremony begins. Once students are seated, Mr Bailey will introduce Mr Burgio who will welcome the boys and their parents.


  • Year 7 boys who are on retreat and staying at the College, move to the cloisters to collect their bags with HOH. Year 12 boys collect their bags and move to cloisters to collect Year 7 boys in their Mentor class. Year 7 parents move to the undercover area for a morning tea.

9.10am to 9.55am

  • Mentor classes run as per the first day normal procedures. Locks, lockers, timetables and passports handed out.

9.55am to recess

  • Boys in Year 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 begin normal classes as per timetable.
  • Year 7 Boys who are not on camp will move to the Gym to begin their retreat with Mrs Tandy.

Periods 3 to 6

  • Periods 3 to 6 as per timetable for Years 8 to 12.
  • Periods 3 to 6 Year 7 retreat boys with Mrs Tandy, with Year 7 students finishing at 3pm.

Other Week 1 activities

  • Year 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Parent nights will be in the Gym and socially distanced.
  • 95 Club College Assembly and Year 13 Breakfast are postponed.

Should the Premier determine to reintroduce Phase 2 or Phase 3 COVID conditions, many of these arrangements will need changing. We have contingencies already planned and will forward them as soon as needed.

One thing I need from parents is to try and make sure that, should the Premier decide to continue with the mask-wearing, your son has an adequate supply. Clearly, if the current mask-wearing conditions were to continue, he would not be able to access the College without a mask.

We live in interesting times. Patience and pragmatism are regent. Thank you for your support. It is very, very appreciated.

With love,

Mr Domenic Burgio