Thursday 4 February 2021

COVID-19 Update #5 2021

Dear Parents and Families of CBC Fremantle

The news on the fire and COVID fronts is that there appears to be some calming of angst, but things can still change very rapidly.

Again, I hope this communication finds you safe and well.

Our Year 11 and 12 students had the opportunity to connect with their teachers today. Feedback I received is that where students made the effort to engage, things went smoothly. Neither the IT Team's help desk, or I, received any SOS messages, so I guess no news is good news.

We ask that Year 11 and 12 boys connect again tomorrow at their scheduled subject time as per the instructions they should have already received.

I am trying very hard to read the Premier. If Mr Alweyn were here his poker prowess may have come in handy, but for what it's worth, this is my read.

The Premier has been ultra-cautious around COVID decision-making. This is very likely to continue. If we continue with zero community transmissions, school will start back on Monday. He has emphasised, without being explicit, that certain restrictions will remain. It is for that reason I can't see us being back in Phase 4 conditions next week. That being said, we have planned for business as usual, and contingency planned for a Phase 1, 2 or 3 revisit. I will provide the details of whatever contingency becomes current as soon as it becomes clear what Monday looks like from the Premier.

For parents of Year 10 boys, if lockdown is lifted tomorrow at 6.00pm, the College will be open from 10.00am to 12pm on Saturday 6 February and again from 1.00pm to 3.00pm on Sunday 7 February to pick up your son's laptop. It should be a very short transaction, dependent on the socially distanced line. There will be six House stations so it should be very efficient. Mask-wearing will be obligatory. I will send a separate Year 10 parent email with entry details tomorrow. Suffice to say, the gates on High and Ellen Streets will be open and you can park on-site before making your way via the signage to the distribution desks.

This afternoon I will contact the parents of Year 7 students who weren't able to pick up their son's laptop last year. You can also avail yourselves of these times to pick up his device.

There are about 60 Year 7 devices that haven't been configured to CBC specs. It requires you to drive to the College with the device, pick up the College's Wi-Fi and connect. Apparently it takes minutes and you will not need to alight from your vehicle. I will forward instructions to those parents tomorrow.

Students, and particularly younger children, may be distressed by the COVID lockdown. The 'Head to Health' website offers a central platform for digital mental health resources, including apps, that may assist staff, parents and students and can be accessed by clicking here .

Information about the lockdown is available on the site.  The latest health information is available through WA Health Department.

Here is the link to the areas and locations visited by confirmed cases. If you have visited, or are in contact with others who visited, any of these areas, please ensure you get tested and keep the College informed.

Short and sharp today. Hopefully smooth seas and clear skies ahead, but we are ready to tackle whatever lies before us as a bonded community. Give my very best wishes to all your sons.

With love,

Mr Domenic Burgio