Developing tomorrow's leaders

Developing leadership is the foundation of the journey for tomorrow’s gentlemen, and feels even more imperative in light of the highs and lows of the world’s leaders in recent months.

CBC’s student leadership programme aims to nurture that seed right from the beginning of Year 7, offering opportunities, guidance and support for our boys to go out and be agents of change for a better world.

Our commitment to nurturing each and every student as a leader in their own right continues through the Rite Journey in Year 9, before taking on even greater significance in boys’ final years at the College. During this time, tomorrow’s gentlemen are challenged to reflect deeply on their own leadership styles, and are called to be selfless contributors to society through our service learning programme.

By working with boys individually, we help each student foster a sense of ownership over their own leadership journey, which helps them better understand and connect with the consequences of their actions.

Our leadership programme is constantly evolving, both to embrace the most up-to-date pedagogy, and to link leadership to issues facing our communities on local, national and international levels. It means gentlemen leave CBC ready to be leaders for an ever-changing landscape.

The how and the why of our leadership programme is the topic of the most recent blog on The Road Less Travelled. To read more about what leadership means for tomorrow’s gentlemen, click here.