Supporting St Pat's

Among those already affected by the current coronavirus outbreak is St Patrick’s Community Support Centre, an organisation the College has supported for many years now.

From their home on Queen Victoria Street, only a few minutes’ walk from the College, St Pat’s supports hundreds of Fremantle’s most vulnerable people in their time of need.

The Centre relies heavily on community donations to provide these invaluable services, but has seen a dramatic drop in donations in the last two weeks.

We received a message from the Centre’s CEO, Michael Piu, earlier this week that outlined the effect that the global pandemic is having on our local service providers.

“Panic buying is having an immediate impact on people facing poverty and homelessness, and indeed the general community,” he said.

“This impacts on us all, but more so fellow members of our community who are poor, as they don’t have the resources and financial means to shop around or pay a premium for these goods.”

As a community CBC has a strong history of supporting the Centre in their amazing work, with students helping prepare breakfast for clients each week in addition to a range of other service opportunities and donation drives throughout the year.

In the Centre’s time of need, please continue to support this organisation in whatever way possible.

Michael has provided four ways in particular we can each lend a helping hand:

  • drop off donations of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as long life and dry goods, to the Centre at 12 Queen Victoria Street Fremantle;
  • contribute financially here;
  • connect the Centre with retail or wholesale businesses by emailing; and
  • be mindful of our own purchasing habits by making sure we are mindful of the needs of others.

Especially during this Lenten season, in which we are all called to consider the role we have to play in making the universe a better place, I hope we can all find a way to help make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Thank you and God bless.

Mr Matthew Stockton
Service Learning Coordinator